Oilfield Review Winter 2013

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Drilling Through Ice and into the Past

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Climatologists, chemists, physicists and engineers have developed drilling units capable of retrieving ice that has been isolated from the rest of the world for more than a million years. Their aim is to discover how and when the Earth’s climate has changed over those millennia.

Seeking the Sweet Spot: Reservoir and Completion Quality in Organic Shales

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For best results, wells in shale reservoirs target production sweet spots where reservoir quality and completion quality are high. Determining a sweet spot is an integral part of the exploration and development effort. Operators are using results from advanced interpretation techniques of surface seismic data to develop drilling and completion programs.

Rotary Sidewall Coring—Size Matters

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Sidewall core analysis is a cost-effective method of directly determining petrophysical and geophysical rock properties. Until recently, one of the main limitations of sidewall cores has been their small size. A new rotary coring tool provides cores that are large enough for experiments and studies without core sample size limitations.

A New Platform for Offshore Exploration and Production

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The oil and gas industry has long capitalized on remote sensing platforms for exploration and production. A mobile, remotely controlled sensor platform has been developed to provide persistent coverage over an offshore area. Powered by wave motion and sunlight, it can be fitted with numerous sensors that continuously monitor ocean parameters and collect and transmit real-time data to support offshore exploration and production activities.

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Defining Drilling Fluids, Drilling Fluid Basics
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