Oilfield Review Autumn 2014

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Sealing Fractures: Advances in Lost Circulation Control Treatments

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Fractured formations create challenging lost circulation scenarios during the drilling process and may jeopardize well integrity. Some fiber-based treatments designed to aid drilling through these formations can be incompatible with bottomhole assemblies with small bit nozzles.

Perforating Innovations—Shooting Holes in Performance Models

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Current methods of predicting perforating system performance downhole may yield estimates that are inconsistent with actual results. New modeling software more accurately predicts perforation geometry, perforation effectiveness and system dynamic responses.

Step Change in Well Testing Operations

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Drillstem tests have long been used to gather data that help engineers predict how individual wells will perform and how best to complete those wells and develop the field. An acoustic wireless telemetry system now gives operators access to these data in real time.

Shushufindi—Reawakening a Giant

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The Shushufindi mature giant oil field in Ecuador, discovered in 1969, was in decline from its peak production in 1986. Starting in 2012, a consortium led by Schlumberger has revived the field using reservoir characterization, infill drilling, workovers and continuous monitoring of field operations.

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