Oilfield Review Spring 2014

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In Search of Clean, Affordable Energy

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By the end of the 20th century, many universities had cut back on energy research, which had been so prevalent in the 1970s and 1980s. As concerns grew about climate change and rising demand for energy, Stanford University and several industry sponsors launched the Global Climate and Energy Project—a pioneering partnership to address the challenge of providing clean, secure and affordable energy for all.

Whipstock Options for Sidetracking

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Sidetracking is a common strategy for bypassing downhole obstructions, drilling new wellbores in search of more productive zones or drilling lateral wells to maximize wellbore exposure. Whipstocks have long been used for sidetracking in cased holes. Advances in whipstock technology now give operators more flexibility in sidetracking openhole and cased wellbores.

Developing High-Performance, Oil-Base Fluid for Exploration Drilling

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Drilling fluids can alter the properties of formation rock and fluids, thereby affecting formation evaluation. A new oil-base fluid has been developed to address this limitation, ensuring improved fidelity of petrophysical information gathered from a well while maintaining the characteristics operators require for safe and efficient drilling operations.

High-Definition Spectroscopy—Determining Mineralogic Complexity

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Petrophysicists use downhole spectroscopy tools to determine mineralogy and rock composition. These tools have been beneficial in helping scientists understand organic-rich shales and conventional formation rocks. A new tool offers the ability to compute total organic carbon—which is important in shale evaluation—and to quantify the mineralogic components of complex lithologies.

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