Oilfield Review Summer 2014

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Warming to Heavy Oil Prospects

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Steam-assisted gravity drainage methods are allowing operators to produce bitumen and heavy oil profitably. Researchers are using this evolving secondary recovery technique to help operators exploit massive reserves while minimizing impact on the environment.

Ultradeep Scientific Ocean Drilling—Probing the Seismogenic Zone

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Improvements in deepwater drilling and measurement technologies enable scientists to extend the limits of marine scientific drilling to previously inaccessible domains. Ultradeep scientific drilling is helping to advance scientists’ understanding of earthquakes and other fundamental Earth processes.

Land Seismic Surveys for Challenging Reservoirs

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Land seismic point-receiver technology enables cost-effective acquisition of finely sampled 3D surveys over large areas. Detailed images extracted from the processed seismic data may be calibrated and used by operators to plan drilling, completion and stimulation operations in tight reservoirs.

PDC Bit Technology for the 21st Century

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New developments in polycrystalline diamond compact bit technology are helping drillers achieve higher rates of penetration and increase footage drilled per bit run.

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Defining Coiled Tubing, Big Reels at the Wellsite
The Defining Series—concise, authoritative 2-page summaries of E&P fundamentals.

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