Oilfield Review May 2015

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Marine Wildlife and E&P Activities—Working to Coexist

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In the course of marine exploration and production activities, interactions with the environment and wildlife are inevitable. Research on seismic sources that are less invasive than those previously used is helping companies conduct surveys that have minimal impact on marine life.

Reducing Uncertainty Ahead of the Bit

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A new drilling solution integrates surface seismic and well data and generates models to predict geologic conditions and formation pressures ahead of the bit. The models help geophysicists and engineers optimize reservoir contact and reduce the uncertainty of geohazards ahead of the bit.

Multiphase Flow Simulation—Optimizing Field Productivity

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Operators are constantly on the search for innovative field development tools and techniques to help them balance optimal production with cost. One way in which service providers have met these needs is by developing multiphase flow simulators for wells and pipelines.

Reservoir Mapping While Drilling

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Advances in LWD log acquisition and processing are helping to bridge the gap between surface seismic data obtained prior to drilling and well log data obtained after the bit has penetrated the formation. A new reservoir mapping-while-drilling service uses deep, directional electromagnetic measurements.

Monitoring and Managing Coiled Tubing Integrity

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The pipe used in coiled tubing operations is subjected to various types of strain as it is run in and out of the wellbore. The resulting wear reduces the pipe’s service life. A wellsite pipe-monitoring system can alert coiled tubing operators to fatigue problems before they become unmanageable.

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