Oilfield Review September 2015

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Imaging: Getting the Picture Downhole

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Imaging: Getting the Picture Downhole

Downhole image logs help geologists identify and analyze reservoir features such as fractures, folds and faults. Stratigraphic features, including paleotransport direction and the presence of bioturbation, clasts and scours, can also be seen in image logs. Acquiring quality images in oil-base mud systems has been more difficult because oil and mudcake often render conductivity-based imaging tools ineffective. A newly introduced imaging tool provides photorealistic quality images even in oil-base mud environments.

Sand Screen Modeling and Selection

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Sand Screen Modeling and Selection

Sand control equipment is typically selected based on timehonored methods and laboratory tests. Recent research suggests a more efficient, more accurate way may exist for operators to select an optimal sand control strategy.

Fixed Cutter Bits−A New Approach

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Fixed Cutter Bits−A New Approach

A new drillbit design incorporates conically shaped diamond cutting elements across the bit face for greater resistance to impact and wear. This bit, which has been tested in more than 1,000 wells around the world, has helped operators increase run lengths and sustain high rates of penetration through notoriously difficult formations.

Carbon Dioxide—Challenges and Opportunities

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Carbon Dioxide—Challenges and Opportunities

Its function in climate change has caused carbon dioxide to be a topic of significant public interest and scientific investigation and a focus of hydrocarbon operators. Ongoing projects in the oil field reflect several priorities—managing carbon dioxide’s corrosive effects, using it to recover more oil after waterflood and storing it in underground formations.

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Defining Artificial Lift and Defining Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs)
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