Oilfield Review May 2016

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Marine Imaging in Three Dimensions: Viewing Complex Structures

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Marine Imaging in Three Dimensions: Viewing Complex Structures

Recent developments in multimeasurement marine seismic acquisition and full waveform imaging enable geophysicists to compensate for distortions caused by shallow geology and sharpen images of deep targets to reduce the uncertainty of seismic information.

Hydraulic Fracturing Insights from Microseismic Monitoring

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Hydraulic Fracturing Insights from Microseismic Monitoring

Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing revolutionized the exploitation of tight and unconventional oil and gas reservoirs. Microseismic monitoring provides operators with crucial information to improve these operations and helps reservoir engineers with modeling and making decisions on well placement, completion design and stimulation operations.

Corrosion—The Longest War

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Corrosion—The Longest War

Locations that host oil and gas operations often provide ideal conditions for corrosion. Ongoing research and advances in coatings, cathodic protection, nondestructive testing, corrosion analysis and inhibitors allow operators to safely produce oil and gas in these corrosive environments.

Slide Drilling—Farther and Faster

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Slide Drilling—Farther and Faster

For decades, the mud motor and bent housing assembly have played a critical role in directional drilling; however, the technique used to drill a lateral section resulted in slow drilling rates. A surface-mounted torque control system is helping drillers reach farther while improving rates of penetration and toolface control.

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