adnVISION Log Quality Control Reference Manual

Date: 6/29/2015

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The suite of azimuthal density neutron (ADN) tools are part of the VISION formation evaluation and imaging while drilling family of services and so are called adnVISION azimuthal density neutron tools. The following tool sizes have been developed for borehole sizes ranging between 5 3/4 in and 12 1/4 in:

  • adnVISION 475 tool (ADN4)—4.75-in OD tool for slim hole sizes
  • adnVISION 675 tool (ADN6)—6.75-in OD tool for medium hole sizes
  • adnVISION 825 tool (ADN8)—8.25-in OD slick collar with a higher flow rating and no stabilizers, designed to be a more “driller-friendly” tool
  • adnVISION 825s stabilized tool (SADN8)— designed with two integral blade stabilizers (IBSs) as part of the drill collar (a 12-in stabilizer over the density section and an 11.6-in stabilizer over the neutron section) to improve measurement data
  • adnVISION 825 tool (ADN8-DA)—has a 10.375-in IBS.

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