Brochure: arcVISION312

Date: 12/1/2007

Download: arcVISION312 (0.59 MB PDF)

Slimhole formation evaluation while drilling

The arcVISION312 3 1/2-in drill collar resistivity tool provides while-drilling resistivity, gamma ray, inclination, and annular pressure data. The service provides better evaluation and production of slim holes while maintaining speed and power transferred to the steerable motor. With the ability to withstand harsh drilling conditions such as high sand content, the arcVISION slimhole technology reduces risk inherent in these operations. The borehole-compensated, real-time measurements supplied by the tool take the guesswork out of interpretation, leading to better decisions and improved well performance. Improved trajectory control, depths of investigation, and geosteering allow for productive slimhole drilling.

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