arcVISION Log Quality Control Reference Manual

Date: 6/29/2015

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The Array Resistivity Compensated (ARC) family of tools has been developed for small to large borehole sizes. It includes the following tools: arcVISION 312, arcVISION 475, arcVISION 675, arcVISION 825, and arcVISION 900. 

These tools provide resistivity, gamma ray (GR), and annular pressure-while-drilling (APWD) measurements. They can be operated in memory mode or real-time mode in combination with the TeleScope high-speed telemetry-while-drilling service, SlimPulse third-generation slim MWD tool, or PowerPulse MWD telemetry system tool. The arcVISION services have the following main features:

  • arcVISION resistivity measurements (2 receivers, 5 transmitters, 2 MHz and 400 kHz)
  • spacings of 10-in, 16-in, 22-in, 28-in and 34-in (arcVISION 312 and arcVISION 475)
  • spacings of 16-in, 22-in, 28-in, 34-in and 40-in (all other tools)
  • APWD measurement (0 psi to 20,000 psi)
  • GR measurement
  • optional single-axis inclinometer measurement, providing continuous inclination
  • real-time operation with the MWD tool.

The arcVISION 312 and arcVISION 475 tools are the smallest array resistivity compensated tools. The tools are designed for use with CTD coiled-tubing drilling, and through-tubing reentry drilling (TTRD), and when drilling small-diameter holes. 

The arcVISION 675, arcVISION 825, and arcVISION 900 tools have the same functionality. They offer fully digital electronics and simultaneous acquisition of the receiver pair. The measurements enable the interpretation of petrophysically and geologically complex formations.

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