Brochure: EcoScope Multifunction LWD service

Date: 5/5/2017

Download: EcoScope Multifunction LWD Service (0.23 MB PDF)

The EcoScope multifunction LWD service provides a full suite of measurements for productive drilling to put wells in the best place in less time. It includes formation evaluation, well placement, and drilling optimization measurements in a single collar to improve operational efficiency, reduce risk, and increase confidence in data interpretations and calculations of production and reserves. Designed around a pulsed neutron generator (PNG), the tool is the first of its kind to acquire elemental capture spectroscopy, neutron-gamma density, and sigma. The PNG allows generation of neutrons on demand, eliminating the need for an americium beryllium (AmBe) source and therefore substantially reducing risk during transportation and at the wellsite. The single-collar design of the tool cuts down on rathole drilling and flat time associated with breaking down the BHA.

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