EcoScope Log Quality Control Reference Manual

Date: 6/30/2015

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The EcoScope multifunction LWD service provides the latest formation evaluation and drilling optimization measurements, combining traditional triple-combo type measurements with new measurements that are currently unique in the LWD market. In addition to the suite of resistivity, neutron porosity, azimuthal GR and density, EcoScope delivers new measurements, such as spectroscopy, neutron-gamma density and sigma. Drilling optimization measurements include annular pressure while drilling (APWD), caliper, and shocks. All those measurements are integrated in a single 25.2-ft collar.That provides the advantage of collocated measurements taken closer to the bit. These measurements can be further processed via EcoScope Answer Products to give information on formation properties such as porosity, saturation, lithology, and reserves estimation.

The EcoScope service has 3 main applications:

  • drilling optimization
  • formation evaluation
  • well placement

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Multifunction LWD Service

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The EcoScope multifunction LWD service provides a full suite of measurements for productive drilling to put wells in the best place in less time. Visit EcoScope Service page