Brochure: geoVISION

Date: 12/1/2007

Download: geoVISION (2.27 MB PDF)

Resistivity imaging while drilling

geoVISION resistivity imaging while drilling gives high-resolution images to reveal formation structure and geological features. Multiple depths of investigation permit detailed geological analysis to pinpoint reserves and optimize completion designs and stimulation strategies. The ability to detect and image thin-bed resistivities in conductive mud environments allows for precise geosteering. Up to five measurements can be configured, and placement within the BHA is completely flexible. Measurements are displayed as fullbore images in real time to graphically describe formation resistivity, and structural dip can be calculated downhole and transmitted to the surface with advanced built-in processing. With geoVISION service, wells are efficiently steered to the best place in the reservoir to enhance production and ROI.

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