Brochure: iPZIG At-Bit Inclination, Gamma Ray, and Imaging Service

Date: 2/29/2012

Real-time data for time-critical geosteering decisions

iPZIG at-bit inclination, gamma ray, and imaging service provides real-time, at-bit, 8- to 16-sector image natural gamma ray and dynamic inclination measurements. Operating as two separate subs, the lower sub, placed directly behind the bit, acquires data that it transmits to the upper sub, located above the motor. This information is then sent to the surface using MWD telemetry systems.

The iPZIG service is the industry’s first image gamma and inclination tool positioned directly behind the bit. It provides at-bit gamma ray imaging, along with traditional natural gamma ray measurement, dynamic inclination, revolutions per minute (rpm), and temperature. This real-time data enhances geosteering capabilities at the surface.

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