Specification Handbook: Neyrfor Turbodrill

Date: 1/1/2013

Download: Neyrfor Turbodrill Handbook (2.86 MB PDF)

Neyrfor turbodrilling technology has led the industry for over half a century. With a history of unmatched drilling performance and reliability in the industry, our tools, technology and operational expertise provide customers with superior drilling efficiency in a broad range of drilling applications.

While turbodrills are often associated with extreme applications such as HPHT or hard rock drilling, Neyrfor turbodrills consistently deliver enhanced performance in conventional drilling applications including:

  • vertical performance drilling
  • s-shape, tangent, and horizontal directional drilling
  • sidetracking
  • milling
  • re-entries
  • extended reach
  • medium- and long-radius drilling

Regardless of the application, Neyrfor Turbodrills provide high performance and precise directional control without sacrificing hole quality or ROP, even at extreme depths and downhole environments.

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