Brochure: proVISION

Date: 2/1/2003

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Maximize well performance with real-time reservoir steering

The proVISION real-time reservoir steering tool combines the power of magnetic resonance (MR) measurements with real-time data transmission to enhance well productivity. It delivers reliable determination of mineralogy-independent porosity, bound- and free-fluid volumes, permeability, and pore size, as well as identification of fluids. This deep-reading tool has a field-proven dual-wait-time capability for direct hydrocarbon detection. Operating independently of resistivity measurements, the tool is ideal for locating low-contrast, low-resistivity pay. Specifications for temperature, pressure, dogleg severity, and shock rating are equivalent to other rugged Schlumberger LWD services, and the tool can be placed anywhere in the BHA with no detrimental effects on drilling operation.

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