Brochure: seismicVISION Seismic-While-Drilling Service

Date: 7/12/2009

Download: seismicVISION (1.33 MB PDF)

Real-time borehole seismic imaging

seismicVISION real-time borehole seismic system delivers time depth/velocity information during the drilling process to optimize drilling decisions, reduce costs, and improve safety. The measurement does not interfere with drilling operations or consume rig time, and in high-risk environments, the system offers data that can significantly reduce drilling uncertainty. Real-time checkshots are used to place the bit on the software-generated map to aid navigation, select casing points, and prepare for hazards ahead of the bit. Seismic velocities are used to update pore pressure predictions and improve hazard depth estimations. The seismic data acquired by the tool has a valuable impact on the well construction process.

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