SonicScope Log Quality Control Reference Manual

Date: 12/10/2014

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The SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service is the latest generation of Schlumberger sonic-while-drilling technologies. This tool presents a new set of capabilities developed through an innovative design, combining multipole measurements for high data quality and robust, advanced solutions. Coupled with extensive modeling, a complete reassessment of strategies for handling and processing acoustic data ensures that the service’s tool response is predictable in most environments. 

For a wide range of applications, the SonicScope 475 service delivers robust compressional and shear slownesses irrespective of mud slowness, combining high-quality monopole and quadrupole measurements. It also supplies enhanced Stoneley data. The sonic information acquired can be used by drillers, geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists, and reservoir and completion engineers. 

The SonicScope service was developed to fulfill the demand for compressional and shear data, both real-time and recorded-modes in fast and slow formations. There is now an increasing push to achieve such requirements in LWD, especially in offshore drilling exploration wells and development fields. 

The SonicScope tool provides the highest quality sonic-while-drilling data on the market to date and robust compressional and shear measurements.

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SonicScope sonic-while-drilling service
SonicScope multipole sonic-while-drilling service delivers real-time and recorded compressional and shear data in both fast and slow formations.
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