Brochure: StethoScope

Date: 12/1/2007

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Formation pressure while drilling

Drilling with the StethoScope formation pressure-while-drilling (FPWD) service reduces cost and risk and puts wells in the best place in less time. StethoScope measurements provide real-time calibration points for pore pressure models while the well is being drilled, which significantly reduces risk and allows mud weight to be optimized and drilling to be continued with confidence at optimal penetration rates. Geosteering and geostopping decisions can be made based on the pressure regimes encountered, eliminating time wasted drilling pressure-depleted formations. The most productive zones can be targeted, and optimal drain length for horizontal wells can be determined. The accurate data supplied by the technology are used to model the dynamic reservoir pressure, which is crucial for optimizing recovery. Making the field’s production systems more understandable also leads to better completions.

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