Brochure: Pulsar Multifunction Spectroscopy Service

Date: 6/15/2017

Download: Pulsar Multifunction Spectroscopy Service (19.33 MB PDF)

Complete cased hole formation evaluation and reservoir saturation monitoring from a single tool

Pulsar multifunction spectroscopy service integrates significant advances in spectroscopy in a slim OD of only 1.72 in for ready through-tubing access in cased hole environments. Building on technologies first introduced to the industry by Litho Scanner high-definition spectroscopy service, Pulsar service pairs a pulsed neutron generator with four detectors:

  • Compact neutron monitor, primarily sensitive to fast neutrons, adjacent to the high-output PNG for accurate and precise measurement of the source output
  • Three scintillation gamma ray detectors for near, far, and deep detection.

All three gamma ray detectors are coupled to high-temperature photomultiplier tubes with integrated low-noise power supplies. Detector pulses are counted with specialized electronics matched to the high counting rate capabilities and high resolution of the LaBr3:Ce scintillators and ruggedized to operate at high temperatures

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