Brochure: Choke Manifolds

Date: 10/1/2013

Download: Choke Manifolds (0.70 MB PDF)

Engineered configurations for all pressure-sensitive applications

Our suite of rugged Manifolds are engineered to accommodate the full gamut of chokes from the industry-standard AUTOCHOKE and SUPERCHOKE to manually adjustable and positive chokes, as well as competitive hydraulic chokes. In addition, gate valves are available in either hydraulically or manually adjustable configurations, giving us the flexibility to configure a manifold to meet your most demanding applications, including:

  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Underbalanced drilling
  • Well control
  • Frac plug drill out
  • Frac flow back
  • Well testing

Our Manifolds are designed to direct flow from the well through the drilling chokes to protect downstream equipment from the high well flow pressures encountered during operations.

Regardless of the application, you can count on our industry-recognized specialists to ensure a configuration of pressure-control equipment that is of the utmost integrity. For you, this means not having to concern yourself the physically dangerous and economically harmful consequences of improperly designed pressure control systems. In addition, our Choke Manifolds help to safely manage hydrogen sulfide emissions and prevent release of toxic fluids.

What’s more, our manifolds are designed to accommodate parallel chokes, which allows us to periodically service the equipment without interrupting the operation. By incorporating dual chokes on our manifolds, we can safely isolate one choke for servicing while controlling pressure and flow through the other. That way you are assured our equipment continues to deliver the utmost in safe pressure control without unnecessary and profit-reducing downtime.

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