Brochure: impaCT Integrated Wellbore Preparation Service

Date: 5/7/2015

Coiled tubing offers a host of economic and HSE advantages for post-stimulation cleanup of high-angle, multi-stage unconventional wells in which failure to remove even the smallest non-ferrous or ferrous debris particles can result in costly post-completion interventions. However, whether used to extract plugs, proppant, or remove formation dislodged when the well goes on line, conventional CT operations generally employ clear fluids that rely primarily on velocity for hole cleaning and frequently require viscous sweeps to assist.

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Unparalleled Debris Removal for CT Operations

impaCT Integrated Debris Removal Service
The impaCT service includes a uniquely formulated fluid system, a coiled tubing-specific ferrous debris extraction magnet, and a mobile closed-loop pressure and solids control system—all in a compact package requiring only a single mixing tank. Visit impaCT Integrated Wellbore Preparation Service page