Brochure: MUDSOLV NG

Date: 4/3/2014

Download: MUDSOLV NG Brochure (0.76 MB PDF)

Integrated filter-cake removal service for optimizing performance of open-hole completions

The integrated MUDSOLV NG service optimizes the uniform removal of filter-cake through an integrated approach taking into consideration the overall open-hole completion process. Combined with the very latest analytical tools and novel breaker chemistries, the MUDSOLV NG approach consistently delivers uniform, controlled, and complete removal of the most tenacious filter-cake. The new generation oil- and water-base breakers within the MUDSOLV NG approach provide controlled breakthrough time for uniform filter-cake removal, are noncorrosive to completion hardware, and exhibit an exceptional HSE profile, making them ideally suited for the most sensitive offshore and onshore environments.

Fundamental to the MUDSOLV NG approach is recognizing and addressing all critical components of open-hole well completion

  • Reservoir characteristics
  • Drilling and completion fluids
  • Wellbore preparation, including cleanup and displacement
  • Completion design and execution
  • Economics
  • Health, safety and environment

The MUDSOLV NG approach thoroughly considers all the components of an effective completion, beginning with an evaluation of the planned completion to determine the degree and type of impairment the filter-cake may present, and identifying the associated cleanup requirements. The results are used to help select the most effective and lowest risk chemical breaker technology, tools, and procedures that will achieve the ultimate objectives: An optimum completion and maximum production.

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