Brochure: SMART RDF Reservoir Drill-in Fluid Family

Date: 4/21/2016

Fit-for-purpose, integrated approach to controlled filtercake destruction

The SMART RDF family comprises a comprehensive suite of application-specific RDFs that consistently demonstrate improved drilling efficiency and negligible formation damage. A key differentiator of the SMART RDF family portfolio is the deposition of impermeable yet easily removed filtercakes that are fully compatible with the specially engineered MUDSOLV NG service.

This customized approach helps ensure thorough and uniform destruction of the filtercake to deliver unobstructed pathways for maximum production or injection—without the use of aggressive chemicals.

The SMART RDF family and MUDSOLV NG service are optimized to work with Schlumberger sand management services and technologies, including stand-alone screens, inflow control devices (ICDs), and OptiPac Alternate Path openhole gravel-pack screens.

Expertise that delivers customized solutions to individual objectives

M-I SWACO engineers formulate a SMART RDF family system with application-specific inhibition, fluid loss control, lubricity, and other properties to enable reaching the target with minimal drilling problems. At the same time, they address the distinctive formation and reservoir characteristics to optimize damage control.

To ensure thorough cleaning of the resulting filtercake, M-I SWACO engineers employ proprietary engineering software to integrate performance metrics and verified laboratory test results to develop a customized MUDSOLV NG service solution that delivers controlled filtercake destruction.

This two-step solution for maximized reservoir drainage or injection helps avoid remedial operations, lost production, and partially plugged and eroded screens.

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