Date: 8/18/2011

Download: WELL SCAVENGER (0.61 MB PDF)

Versatile wellbore clean-up tool for the most demanding operations

The WELL SCAVENGER vacuum debris removal tool is designed specifically to capture and remove debris from the wellbore. The modular design comprises a single-nozzle fluid-driving engine, a debris screening module, and one or more debris chambers. The engine module internally generates and maintains an extremely efficient localized reverse circulation flow that achieves maximum lifting velocities without the need for high pump rates from the surface. The debris screening module filters the fluid to capture larger debris and is equipped with an internal magnet assembly to collect ferrous material. Compared to other tools, the sealed lifting caps of the WELL SCAVENGER are significantly safer when handling extracted debris and fluids on the rig floor. The tool also can be combined with string magnets or junk baskets to optimize the removal of ferrous or larger debris.

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