Brochure: SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug

Date: 1/4/2018

Download: SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug (2.66 MB PDF)

Proven sealing integrity for the most challenging downhole conditions

The SIMultra retrievable bridge plug incorporates the unique proprietary hybrid metal-elastomer seal to create a well barrier with both exceptional reliability and retrievability.

Ultimate plug performance

Available for industry standard tubulars ranging from 4 1/2 to 7 in, the SIMultra retrievable bridge plug is fully certified to the highest standard of ISO 14310:2008 (API 11D1) grade V0. All manufacturing is to Quality Grade Q1.

Performance rated to 350 degF and 10,000 psi is paired with full sour service capability to readily meet the extremes of today’s energy production, including HPHT and gas wells. Bidirectional high-expansion and high-load slips ensure secure setting at any well deviation.

Reliable downhole intelligent control

By using a proprietary nonexplosive tool for setting and retrieval, the SIMultra plug can be deployed in both vertical and horizontal wells using all conventional conveyance methods. The setting tool’s unique integrated contingency mechanical release ensures complete retrieval in the event of a problem downhole.

For slickline operations, the downhole intelligent decision module enhances setting assurance by using time, temperature, pressure, and tool movement measurements to identify the correct setting depth.

Streamlined retrievability

Avoiding reliance solely on elastomer elements gives SIMultra plugs not only the smallest running diameter in their class but also enables them to retract to smaller than their original diameter to ensure reliable deployment and recovery for every installation.

The metal-elastomer seal eliminates permanent elastomer setting and elastomer decompression—and their adverse effects on plug retrieval—while providing a full metal contact.

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Secure Setting, High-Integrity Seal, Reliable Retraction

SIMultra retrievable bridge plug
The unique metal-elastomer seal of the SIMultra plug ensures reliable deployment, performance, and recovery for every installation.
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