Brochure: Direct XCD Drillable Alloy
Casing Bit

Date: 7/10/2013

Download: Direct XCD Drillable Alloy Casing Bit (0.36 MB PDF)

Drillable PDC bit for casing-while-drilling applications

The Direct XCD drillable alloy casing bit is a PDC bit specially made for drilling vertical or tangential wells to TD in one run. The bit drills on standard casing that is rotated at the surface.

The cutting structure of the Direct XCD casing bit can be fitted with 13-, 16-, or 19-mm PDC cutters, which are available in standard or premium grades. The bit’s sub is composed of durable oilfield grade steel, while its body is made of a copper bronze alloy. This unique alloy allows it to be drilled out by any standard PDC bit after the Direct XCD bit has drilled to TD, and the casing has been cemented in place. After drillout, the drillout PDC bit can continue drilling the next interval, eliminating the need for a dedicated drillout run.

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