Brochure: Impax Diamond-Enhanced Insert (DEI) Hammer Bits

Date: 11/27/2012

Impax hammers feature a hardened-steel guide sleeve instead of the conventional plastic blow tube, optimizing energy transfer from the piston to the bit. Replacing the blow tube also significantly improves deep-hole drilling reliability by minimizing failures due to shock, vibration, abrasive wear, and high-temperature erosion caused by misting.

The Impax hammer’s lower chamber has been designed to handle 10% to 20% more water than conventional hammer bits, thereby improving performance. High backpressure and large circulation volumes resulting from water produced by misting and influx are major causes of hammer failures. When water incursion forces other hammer bits to be tripped out of the well, the Impax hammer’s capabilities enable it to continue performing reliably, even in deep wells.

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