Brochure: Milled Tooth and TCI Drill Bits

Date: 4/1/2014

Download: Milled Tooth and TCI Drill Bits (2.18 MB PDF)

Reliable performance for every application

Smith Bits uses the most advanced design technology to produce industry-leading bits that push the boundaries of bit performance and reliability for every application.

For high efficiency drilling, the base design of TCI and milled tooth bits is continually improved to further enhance seal bearings and material technology. As a result, we have a variety of roller cone bits available in many designs and sizes to fit your specific needs.

Advanced design technology optimizes drilling performance

Smith Bits uses the IDEAS drillbit design platform to optimize the bit's cutting structure for specific formations and includes

  • journal bearings
  • bearing lubricant
  • flexible hydraulics system
  • coarse carbide inserts
  • gauge inserts.

The seals and bearings of milled tooth and TCI drill bits by Smith Bits exceed conventional rock bit designs by a continual reliability engineering effort.

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