Brochure: ONYX II PDC Cutters

Date: 9/1/2011

Download: ONYX II PDC Cutters (0.68 MB PDF)

Next generation cutter for today’s toughest drilling environments

When the original ONYX PDC cutter was introduced, its resistance to abrasive wear and thermal degradation significantly increased PDC bit performance in hard and abrasive formations. Pushing the limits of PDC bit performance still further would mean creating an entirely new cutter technology. After extensive dull bit analysis and the introduction of new materials and manufacturing processes, Smith Bits introduced the ONYX II premium PDC cutter. Capable of retaining its sharp edge longer than previous cutters, the new ONYX II enables PDC bits to drill even more efficiently in the harshest conditions, which has significantly improved overall PDC bit performance while reducing drilling costs.

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