Brochure: DRILCO Inspection Services

Date: 5/22/2015

Download: DRILCO Inspection Services (2.83 MB PDF)

Inspection and maintenance at the rig or in the shop

DRILCO offers API-approved inspection services for drill collars, drillpipe, Hevi-Wate transition drillpipe, and other premium downhole tools through a worldwide network of service centers established to ensure global coverage, 24/7/365. 

ASNT Level II-certified DRILCO inspectors are trained extensively in the principles and techniques of oilfield inspection. Tools are marked “OK DRILCO” only after they have been thoroughly inspected strict adherence to API-RP7G, Spec 7, RP 5A5, DS-1, or NS-2 specifications; third-party standards; and customer-defined requirements.

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