Brochure: Port Fourchon Dockside Tubular Support Center

Date: 7/23/2013

Advanced and efficient maintenance for offshore tubular inventories

Conveying and servicing drillstring components for operations in the Gulf of Mexico can increase the time, risks, and costs associated with handling. To minimize these challenges, DRILCO established a dockside facility at C-Port II in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, USA.

At the Port Fourchon facility, multisize drillstring components can be unloaded directly from vessels with minimal handling since services are done onsite with the aid of an automated conveyor system. After servicing, the tubulars can be reloaded onto the vessels, reducing handling time, risks, and costs.

The DRILCO C-Port II facility offers port-accessible inspection, cleaning, and manufacturing services, 24/7/365. Since its opening in 2000, the facility has provided a one-stop resource in deepwater operations for major operators, independents, and drilling contractors.

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