Brochure: Premium Drillpipe for Optimal Performance

Date: 9/15/2014

DRILCO offers a full line of premium drillpipe available in a variety of sizes with API and non-standard wall thickness to deliver optimal torque, weight, and durability. Our manufacturing capability ranges from 2 7⁄8-in to 7 5⁄8-in diameter drill pipe in E, X, G, S or SS GRADES in both Range 2 and Range 3 lengths. Special sizes and proprietary grades are available on an individual order basis. Our technical representatives can help you select the best features to ensure maximum BHA performance.

DRILCO offers drillpipe with standard API threaded connections for all available sizes. In addition, we offer DRILCO DS compatible double-shouldered connections, which use a standard API thread form with a secondary internal shoulder. The connection allows you to increase ID or reduce OD, which significantly improves hydraulic and torque performance over conventional API connections. The DRILCO DS connections are compatible with standard API connection thread forms as well as other standard double shouldered connections.

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