Brochure: Defender Premium
Hardbanding Wires

Date: 10/8/2013

Download: Defender Premium Hardbanding Wires (0.69 MB PDF)

Premium abrasion and wear protection for tubulars

For more than 60 years, DRILCO has provided the highest quality hardbanding materials to extend tubular life on drilling operations around the world. DRILCO premium hardbanding wires are designed for both openhole and casing-friendly applications, which increases tubular durability and maximizes wear resistance on drill collars, drillpipe, heavy wall drillpipe, casing, and other tools used in drilling applications.

Hardbanding is the most effective way to reduce wear rates on tubulars and casing strings. When placed on the tool joints and center wear pads, hardbanding increases abrasion resistance and extends service life. 

DRILCO Defender premium hardbanding wires provide hardbanding solutions for both openhole and cased hole drilling. Defender premium hardbanding wires—designed and manufactured using the highest grade of raw materials—can be applied over previous DRILCO applications as well as other hardbands. 

Proper inspection and evaluation of previous hardbands and surrounding base materials are inherent in all DRILCO hardbanding procedures.

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