Brochure: Injection Wells for Liquid-Waste Disposal

Date: 3/4/2016

Long-term reliability and environmental protection

Expertly located, designed, constructed, and operated injection well systems permanently remove liquid wastes from the biosphere, often at a significantly lower cost than other disposal options.

Successful protection of the environment by a liquid-waste injection well system depends on close collaboration between the customer, regulators, and experts in the design and construction of injection wells. Permanently preventing any upward migration of injection waste into overlying aquifers—sources of drinking water—must begin with an assessment comprising an appropriate and efficient aquifer and subsurface characterization program, data management, and verification of local conditions. The assessment must also identify low-permeability confining strata and assess risks related to water flow, adverse geochemical processes, induced fracturing, and induced seismicity.

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Wastewater Disposal in Deep Injection Wells

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