Brochure: Dewatering Well Placement

Date: 11/1/2014

Download: Dewatering Well Placement (2.51 MB PDF)

Advanced Mine Dewatering

Most large open pit and underground mines encounter groundwater as they are developed and require dewatering. In permeable settings, the objective of dewatering is to remove significant volumes of groundwater that would otherwise adversely impact the ability to mine. In these situations, vertical in-mine dewatering wells are normally installed to reduce groundwater levels ahead of mining and create dry working conditions.

Common challenges of in-mine wells include interfering with mining operations, being regularly destroyed, being frequently out of service, and failing to accomplish objectives so that the operation remains impacted by groundwater. In hard rock settings, where permeability and groundwater flow is normally controlled by structurally bounded compartmentalized zones, it can also be difficult to contact and intercept the groundwater flow paths in the hydraulically important zones using vertical wells. The overall result is a relatively ineffective dewatering system.

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Mine Dewatering Helps Achieve Greater Well Availability Performance

Our turnkey dewatering expertise, downhole technology, and mine water management programs have reduced the life-of mine well construction costs and achieved greater well availability performance.