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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
May 2018SandView Downhole Sand Surveillance Service Production Monitoring & Surveillance SandView
May 2018WIReD High-Strength, Modular Wireline Inline Release Device Wireline Intervention Services WIReD
May 2018CEMENTICS Zonal Isolation Software Cementing CEMENTICS
May 2018S4000 ESP Stage Artificial Lift REDA Maximus
May 2018BluePack RH-MP Retrievable Hydraulic-Set, Multiport Production Packer Completions Products,
Intelligent Completions
 BluePack RH-MP
May 2018REDA ESP System Cables Artificial Lift REDA ESP system cables,
REDA Lead,
REDA Subsea
May 2018MEGADRIVE P Primary High-Performance Emulsifier Drilling Fluids & Systems MEGADRIVE P
May 2018ULTRAFREE Water-Based Mud ROP Enhancer Drilling Fluids & Systems ULTRAFREE
May 2018Whole-Core CT Scanning Service and CT-Scan Viewer in Techlog Platform Core & PVT Lab Services 
May 2018Left Helix Reverse-Geometry PCP Artificial Lift KUDU PCP,
Left Helix
May 2018WellWatcher Quartz Premium High-Temperature, High-Resolution PT Gauges Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Quartz
Apr 2018Permanent Optical Cable Completions Products 
Apr 2018WellWatcher Stim Stimulation Monitoring Service Stimulation WellWatcher Stim
Apr 2018SAFE-FLOC III Clear Brine Flocculant Drilling Fluids & Systems SAFE-FLOC III
Apr 2018SAFE-FLOC II Surfactant and Solvent Blended Filtration Aid Drilling Fluids & Systems SAFE-FLOC II
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