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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Jan 2019IDCAP D Polymeric Shale Inhibitor Drilling Fluids & Systems IDCAP D
Jan 2019VG-PLUS Advanced Organophilic Clay Drilling Fluids & Systems VG-PLUS
Jan 2019FracXion Ultra HPHT Fully Composite Frac Plug Multistage Stimulation FracXion Ultra
Jan 2019HEAT Hybrid Expandable Anchoring Technology Liner Hangers HEAT,
LH Max
Jan 2019Saltel Expandable Steel Patches Datasheets Schlumberger Saltel expandable steel patch
Jan 2019WellWatcher Stim Stimulation Monitoring Service Stimulation WellWatcher Stim,
Kinetix Shale,
BroadBand Shield
Jan 2019LineSlot Premium Direct-Wire-Wrapped Screens Sand Control LineSlot
Dec 2018OmniSphere RGM Slimhole Petrophysics Evalution-While-Drilling Service Directional, MWD & LWD OmniSphere
Dec 2018OmniSphere SGR Slimhole Petrophysics Evalution-While-Drilling Serviceice Directional, MWD & LWD OmniSphere
Dec 2018Proteus Electrohydraulic Flow Control and Monitoring System Intelligent Completions Proteus
Dec 2018XPC Extreme-Profile Single Shoulder Connection Drill Bits 
Dec 2018MicroBar Micronized Weighting Additive Drilling Fluids & Systems MicroBar
Dec 2018RheMul Flat Rheology Primary Emulsifier  Drilling Fluids & Systems RheMul
Dec 2018Saltel Xpandable AZIP Annular Zonal Isolation Packer Packers Saltel Xpandable AZIP,
Saltel annular zonal isolation packer
Dec 2018Saltel Xpandable ECP Cementing Operations External Casing Packer Packers SES Slimpacker,
Saltel Xpandable ECP
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