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Date Title SrvLine/Func Products File
Feb 2019WellWatcher Connect Wellsite Data Transmission System Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Connect,
Feb 2019GyroSphere MEMS Gyro-While-Drilling Service Directional, MWD & LWD GyroSphere
Feb 2019PowerDrive xCL At-Bit Rotary Steerable System Directional, MWD & LWD PowerDrive xCL
Feb 2019Proteus Electrohydraulic Flow Control and Monitoring System Intelligent Completions Proteus,
Feb 2019Big-Bore Frac Plug Multistage Stimulation big-bore frac plug,
ReacXion HiFlow
Jan 2019Real-Time Stimulation Viewer Stimulation InterACT
Jan 2019MonoFlex Dual-Connection Fracturing Fluid Delivery Technology Stimulation MonoFlex
Jan 2019Dual Proppant Delivery System Stimulation automated stimulation delivery platform
Jan 2019WellWatcher Quartz Premium High-Temperature, High-Resolution PT Gauge Intelligent Completions,
Permanent Monitoring Systems
 WellWatcher Quartz
Jan 2019Flow Control Valve TRFC-IZ and Multidrop Module for IntelliZone Compact II System Intelligent Completions TRFC-IZ,
IntelliZone Compact II,
IntelliZone Compact,
Jan 2019IntelliZone Compact II Modular Multizonal Management System Intelligent Completions IntelliZone Compact II,
IntelliZone Compact,
WellWatcher Instruct
Jan 2019SUREWET RheGuard System Invert-Emulsion System Surfactant Drilling Fluids & Systems SUREWET
Jan 2019IDCAP D Polymeric Shale Inhibitor Drilling Fluids & Systems IDCAP D
Jan 2019VG-PLUS Advanced Organophilic Clay Drilling Fluids & Systems VG-PLUS
Jan 2019FracXion Ultra HPHT Fully Composite Frac Plug Multistage Stimulation FracXion Ultra
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