Product Sheet: XLG Series Side Pocket Mandrels

Date: 12/7/2017

Download: XLG Series Side Pocket Mandrels (0.08 MB PDF)

High-pressure gas lift completions

The XLG Series side pocket mandrel is an integral part of the XLift high-pressure gas lift system. The XLG mandrel design features angled injection ports in the mandrel body and pocket to optimize the flow of injection gas, dramatically reducing the flow turbulence impinging on the internal diameter of the well casing and the gas flow path through the valve. The XLG mandrel design also allows for full-length, flush-mounted, cable/control line bypass. Unlike traditional side pocket mandrels that require guard systems that increase their outside geometry, the XLG mandrel allows for multiple cable/control line bypasses without altering the original outside drift diameter of the mandrel body.

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