Product Sheet: D700 HT GASBLOK

Date: 2/2/2018

Download: D700 HT GASBLOK (0.44 MB PDF)

Gas migration control additive for high temperatures

D700 HT GASBLOK gas migration control additive creates an impermeable barrier that prevents annular gas migration into cement slurry during the critical hydration period. The additive is an aqueous dispersion of latex particles with surfactants to improve dispersion and add stability.

When formation gas enters the cement slurry, the latex particles coalesce to form a coherent, low-permeability plastic film that blocks further migration into the cement. The additive also controls gas migration by improving cement bonding to the casing and formation interfaces. In addition, it creates a thin, low-permeability filtercake to reduce fluid loss from the cement slurry.

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