Product Sheet: Hydro-Formed Casing Centralizer

Date: 7/1/2013

Download: Hydro-Formed Casing Centralizer (0.28 MB PDF)

Positive borehole centralization for TDDirect casing and liner drilling

The hydro-formed casing centralizer provides positive center positioning for cementing in vertical and deviated wells drilled using TDDirect casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology. The centralizers are placed on the outer diameter of the casing string to create standoff between casing and the borehole for casing or liner drilling.

The centralizer’s design promotes the plastering effect, which strengthens wellbores for an effective cement bond that helps protect well integrity. Made with a special Hydro-forming process, the centralizer has an exclusive design and attachment method. The result is a casing drilling tubular that provides the strength and rigidity to withstand dynamic downhole loads while maintaining standoff under large side forces without being crushed.

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