Product Sheet: Reaming and Directional Guide Shoes

Date: 9/12/2013

Download: Reaming and Directional Guide Shoes (0.51 MB PDF)

Guides and protects casing and liner for TDDirect CD and TDDirect LD services

The TDDirect casing-drilling and liner-drilling technology reaming and directional guide shoes are made up to the casing or liner shoe joint to guide both and help protect them from damage. The guide shoe also prevents excessive drilling related vibration, which can damage BHA components.

The directional guide shoe enables the navigation of casing or liner through changes in the well path and problematic zones, ensuring that it reaches TD. The reaming guide shoe is fitted with PDC cutters to provide an aggressive cutting structure that enables the casing or liner to be reamed to bottom, allowing recovery of any remaining pilot hole after the BHA has been retrieved.

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