Product Sheet: Multilobe Torque Rings

Date: 7/1/2013

Download: Multilobe Torque Rings (0.17 MB PDF)

Increase torque capacity while protecting tubular connection threads for TDDirect casing and liner drilling

Multilobe torque (MLT) rings provide a positive makeup shoulder to increase torque capacity when installed in standard API buttress-threaded connections for casing tubulars used in TDDirect CD and TDDirect LD service applications. This increased torque capacity prevents pins and couplings used in API casing and tubing connections from being overstressed in drilling and workover applications, reducing tubular connection maintenance and replacement costs.

The MLT ring inner diameter creates a flush geometry with the casing, which enhances flow efficiency while protecting threads from debris. MLT rings are easily installed at the wellsite and are made from API-specified steel grades. While the standard steel grade for rings is L-80, optional higher strength grades capable of enduring higher torque are available.

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