Product Sheet: Casing Profile Nipple

Date: 7/1/2013

Download: Casing Profile Nipple (0.11 MB PDF)

Reliable profile for landing and locking TDDirect CD casing drilling BHAs

The casing profile nipple (CPN) is installed in the casing shoe and serves as a torsional and axial locking mechanism for the BHA. It is used in TDDirect CD service when borehole conditions make getting casing to bottom difficult. The CPN enables setting and retrieving of the DLA, so BHA drilling components can be changed whenever required.

The CPN is driven by the casing string, which is rotated from the surface. Locking the DLA into the CPN enables the DLA to deliver torque and axial force to the bottomhole assembly. Once TD is reached, the DLA can be unlocked from the CPN to allow retrieval of the entire BHA through the casing string.

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