Product Sheet: Type 5C PDC Underreamer

Date: 7/1/2013

Download: Type 5C PDC Underreamer (0.48 MB PDF)

High-ratio borehole enlargement for TDDirect CD and TDDirect LD services

Type 5C PDC retrievable underreamer provides reliable high-ratio borehole enlargement for TDDirect casing and liner drilling applications. With a larger than average hole opening ratio, this standout underreamer enables drilling while casing through most formations and borehole diameters as part of a retrievable BHA.

The underreamer has jet nozzles that can be set to allow actuation pressure at very low flow rates. When the predetermined flow rate is reached, a pressure differential is created across the actuator piston. The resulting force moves the mandrel down, mechanically opening cutter arms to the drilling position. The continued pressure differential from the flow rate keeps the cutter arms open while drilling.

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