Product Sheet: ImPulse Integrated MWD Platform

Date: 5/23/2011

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Continuous direction and inclination measurements

Real-time formation evaluation

The ImPulse integrated MWD platform is designed to meet slimhole measurement demands where formation evaluation is needed in real time. It comprises both MWD and the resistivity components of the arcVISION475 4 3/4-in drill collar resistivity service. The standard ImPulse platform provides survey, gamma ray, and resistivity measurements for 5 3/4- to 6 3/4-in hole sizes. This measured data is transmitted at rates up to 6 Bps with a state-of-the-art telemetry system, setting industry standards.

Continuous direction and inclination

The ImPulse platform provides continuous direction and inclination (D&I) data while drilling, using a D&I package just 12.6 ft from the platform’s base. Surveying quality control is memorized in the tool, checked downhole, and transmitted in the quickest possible mode.

Precise directional control

For precise directional control, AIM at-bit inclination measurements are transmitted using inductive telemetry around the PowerPak steerable motor to a receiving antenna located on the ImPulse platform. This provides instantaneous information for absolute control of well trajectory and bit direction.

Multiple depths of investigation

The ImPulse platform measures formation resistivities at multiple depths of investigation, using an electromagnetic antenna array of five transmitters and two receivers. The receivers are strategically placed above and below the transmitters to achieve true borehole-compensated formation resistivity. This technology is capable of measuring formation resistivities up to 3,000 ohms with dielectric processing above 200 ohms.

Combinable with other tools

The ImPulse platform is combinable with VPWD collar-mounted telemetry and surveying systems, which measure internal and annular pressures and provide battery power that is used to obtain logging data while tripping out of the hole. The ImPulse platform is also combinable with the adnVISION azimuthal density neutron service for complete formation evaluation in real time.

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