Product Sheet: Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill

Date: 3/2/2015

Download: Neyrfor TTT Thru-Tubing Turbodrill (0.15 MB PDF)

Designed to run in high-temperatures and harsh-fluid environments

The Neyrfor TTT thru-tubing turbodrill provides the highest downhole mechanical power output for harsh-environment milling by efficiently converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. 

The all-metal Neyrfor TTT turbodrill is immune to temperature and acid that typically degrade stator elastomers in positive displacement motors. The turbine drive train is ideally suited for two-phase, gas-cut mud systems regardless of gas-cut percentages. Frequent tripouts to change motors are avoided since the turbine can stay in hole for extended periods in high-temperature and harsh-fluid environments. 

The Neyrfor TTT turbodrill is based on a concentric design with a fluid connect rotor and stator-power drive that produce less reactive drilling torque than conventional positive displacement motors, protecting downhole tools and coil from extended torsional stress. The concentric design ensures significantly less destructive vibration for the turbine and the BHA. The one-piece design incorporating all operational characteristics in a 12- to 15-ft turbine produces a power range for various downhole conditions.

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