Product Sheet: OptiLog BHA Dynamics Recorder

Date: 10/22/2014

Download: OptiLog BHA Dynamics Recorder (0.10 MB PDF)

The OptiLog BHA dynamics recorder provides postrun data to evaluate drilling system performance. The recorder sub can be placed in one or more locations in the BHA for improved measurement of drilling dynamics and internal temperature. Postrun data from the OptiLog recorder can be visualized in the PERFORM Toolkitdata optimization and analysis software to provide improved input for well planning.

Use the OptiLog recorder to

  • optimize drilling procedures and practices
  • identify performance limiters
  • evaluate performance of downhole technologies. 

Comprehensive BHA performance analysis

The OptiLog recorder is designed for placement at multiple points in the BHA, including near the bit and close to the reamer. By gathering measurements from multiple critical points in the drillstring, drilling system models can be validated and calibrated with increased accuracy. With improved data, the BHA design of future wells can be optimized.

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