Product Sheet: Technologies and Services Enable Drilling Operations in Real Time

Date: 5/27/2009

Drilling operations benefit from new generation of real-itme technologies that reduce personnel exposure, optimize processes, reduce drilling risk, and increase well productivity

To meet increasing real-time needs such as high-quality connectivity, standardized data protocol, and interactive drilling operations, an extensive portfolio of flexible services is available. Wellsite data hub (WSDH) services enable vendor-neutral data collection, aggregation, and streaming from the wellsite. InterACT remote connectivity, collaboration, and information system connects wellsites, reservoirs, and people anywhere, anytime. The PERFORMView application combines drilling surveillance and analysis tools for better and faster decisions. Advanced petrotechnical workflows receive and integrate real-time data streams and serve as the foundation for a sophisticated geomechanics model. Real-time data analysis and operations allows for more efficient and accurate drilling operations.