Product Sheet: Bit Release Tool

Date: 12/13/2013

Download: Bit Release Tool (0.39 MB PDF)

Reliably releases nonretrievable BHAs for TDDirect CD service

The bit release tool (BRT) releases nonretrievable drill bits and sacrificial BHAs from TDDirect CD service casing-while-drilling strings in preparation for cementing or openhole logging. The tool connects the top and bottom of a BHA to the casing with API box connections. Spiral stabilizer blades, which have been hardfaced with tungsten carbide for durability, help maintain directional control of the assembly and stabilize the bit during drilling. 

The BRT uses hydraulic or mechanical force to release the bit or BHA. Hydraulic release is initiated by dropping a ball in the casing and increasing pump pressure to approximately 900 psi; pumpoff occurs when differential pressure is reached. Bits or BHAs are released mechanically with wireline tools.

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