Product Sheet: TrueTest High-Resolution Formation Strength Test Service

Date: 10/13/2016

Maximize the value of leakoff tests, extended leakoff tests, and formation integrity tests

The TrueTest high-resolution formation strength test service maximizes the value of formation integrity tests (FITs), leakoff tests (LOTs), and extended leakoff tests (ELOTs) in two steps by providing data from when the pumps are off in real time once circulation is reestablished and expediting expert interpretation. The combination of downhole pressure data and rapid analysis of formation strength test (FST) data enables operators to make the best-possible decisions when choosing whether to drill ahead. The service is used in the same way as traditional FSTs and analyzes data from the high-definition annular pressure-while-drilling (APWD) service when the pumps are off. The TrueTest service offers the higher level of accuracy required to revise target mud density, reevaluate well control risks, reduce wellbore stability risks for an updated geomechanics model, and increase the value of dynamic tests in managed pressure drilling. To help avoid interpretation error, TrueTest service provides clarity in a timely and concise manner.

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